Northern Spark festival – Saturday, June 8, 2013


Northern Spark is a portal to a new experience of the Twin Cities. Throughout the night we each pick a route accompanied by friends or in the companionship of familiar strangers. Together we look at art, experience community in a new way, and see the cities in a new light.

In 2013 we are excited to bring this event to Saint Paul’s Lowertown—home to a vibrant arts community including the newly arrived Bedlam Theater, veteran meeting spot Black Dog Cafe, Minnesota Museum of American Art’s new project space, Zeitgeist’s Studio Z, the studios of Twin Cities Public Television, the ever-present Mississippi River, and the magnificently restored Union Depot station, among other sites. From Union Depot and the rest of Lowertown, many journeys will take place—by train, by bus, across time and space, in our imagination, and through the creativity of a multitude of artists who will take us along for a ride constructed specially for Northern Spark: an experience that is all arts, all people, all night.  For more information, please visit