Comedy Fight Club – Tuesdays 7-9PM @ Golden’s Deli

Come Cheer on first-time comics and local legends! 

Presented by GOLDEN’S DELI

Drink Specials offered all evening long

275 East 4th Street, St. Paul, in Loweertown  

Comedians look for stage time? Our system is simple. SHOW UP…SIGN UP…GET UP!

3-5 minutes of stage time for as many comincs as we can fit in.

First timers are welcome and we will do our best to get everyone up. Those who don’t make it up will have the first shot the following week.

Join us at

 The lineup thus far for January 29th:
– Bart Schneider (your host)
– Tom Bonnett (maybe)
– Sue Johnson (maybe)
– Sam Spadino
– James King
– Andrew Carpenter
– Elizabeth Ess
– Ryan Padilla
– Peter Michaels
– Earl Elliot
– Rob Larson
– Mark Nusbaum
– Mandy Weecks
– Lainey Lenertz
– Kenneta Fabing (first timer, woot woot!)
– James Wells
– Scott Peters
– Your closer, Robert Fones